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Water Damage Restoration

Put your mind at ease, we’re on the way!

Tradegroup ensures professional, courteous and timely restoration.



After an initial water disaster, the initial response and clean-up is merely half the battle. Tradegroup employs scientific, industry approved drying procedures and techniques to protect personal and property materials in the affected areas.

TRADEGROUP Protects you and your property:

- State-of-the-Art and specialized drying equipment
- State-of-the-Art drying techniques and procedures
- Insurance approved and preferred service provider
- Industry trained and certified restoration technicians
- Licensed, bonded and insured contractor #892101

Moisture Meter on Drywall

Moisture Meter on Wood

Minimize the Damage

*HELPFUL steps you can do to minimize the damage while Tradegroup is on the way:

  • Stop the water leak!
        (turn off the main water line     valve if possible)

  • Prevent intrusion into     unaffected areas (towels     and/or other absorbent     material work well)

  • Turn off water supply at     immediate supply valves     (angle stop valves under    
        sinks and toilets)

  • Stay clear of sewer related     water (water that comes    
        from toilet/sewer backflows)

  • Turn off electrical devices     around the flooded area

  • Move or elevate furniture to     reduce unnecessary staining

  • Adjust the temperature     down to prevent mold     growth


    Certified by IICRC
    Water Damage Restoration Technician
    Applied Microbial Remediation Technician

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    Licensed, Bonded and Insured General Building Contractor #892101